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Sitcom about Nothing!

This time my trip to US ranged from uneventful to enlightening, all at the same time. Houston, a city where you drag your life along, is quite a turn off after my first trip to California last year. But interesting it has introduced me to a new perspective to watching television. I love the comedy timing of a lot of Americans. Particularly, the one sitcom that rocks is Sienfeld. I dont know how many of you have already seen it before -but its the most hilarious yet so subtle sitcom I have ever seen. It makes ‘Friends’ look like an overkill – (except for Joey :))

What’s the sitcom about? As put in the words of George Costanza in one of the episodes – “It’s a sitcom about NOTHING. Everyone is making sitcom about something and we would just create one with a refreshingly new idea – NOTHING”. To get into details when asked who the characters would be in that Sitcom, as the ‘Lord of Idiots’ George Costanza would say “I can be a character. Dont laugh. Seriously, I can be a character. Lot of people told me that I am quite a character”. And now that explains it. This George Costanza is a friend of the protagonist, Jerry Sienfeld, a NY city stand-up comedian. Subtlety is the word for this guy. No making faces or stressed consonants to make the dialogue sound funny – just a plain witty retort. Elaine, is a female that Jerry once dates but is now some really close friend. She takes Jerry for granted and has a knack of getting into some really trivial and sometime dangerously hilarious relationships. Stealing the show with his characteristic entrance and a confused soul is Kramer (No one knows his first name for long time only to find out later that it is Cosmo!!!). He doesnt believe in knocking doors when entering, asking people before eating at their place, infact any conceivable etiquette for friendly interactions!

As his friend George Costanza puts it “Kramer wants to go to a fantasy camp ? His whole life is a fantasy campm ! People should plunk down two-thousand dollars to live like him for a week. Do nothing, fall ass-backwards into money, mooch food off your neighbors, and have sex without dating. *That’s* a fantasy camp!”

I love George in the sitcom – thanks to this sitcom I could bear this dull and otherwise really boring city of Houston. It made me realize the essence of life.

“The most unfair thing about life is the way it ends. I mean, life is tough. It takes up a lot of your time. What do you get at the end of it? A death! What’s that, a bonus? I think the life cycle is all backwards. You should die first, get it out of the way. Then you live in an old age home. You get kicked out when you’re too young, you get a gold watch, you go to work. You work forty years until you’re young enough to enjoy retirement. You drink alcohol, you party, and you get ready for high school. You go to grade school, you become a kid, you play, you have no reponsibilities, you become a little baby, you go back into the womb, you spend your last 9 months floating… then you finish of as an o*$^%sm !!!Amen”

The Forbidden Apple (24th March, 05)

The Forbidden Apple (24th March, 05)
-Written as a parody targeted at people getting married 🙂

God said to Adam:
How many times will you enter the grapple?
Miss the snake for the lure of the apple
Advised not to, you thought it was just being prissy
Raring to jump into the same old fancy!!

Wake up Adam! I have created you on purpose
And it is that foxy Eve or the evil Satan, I suppose
That taught you all this “Importance of Yin and Yang”,
And made you forget how to enjoy, dance and sing a song!!!

I guess that was a story from the yore
When someone tells you “Don’t”, you want it even more
My grandpa told my dad and my dad told me
But I just got married, and there was my dad to see!!

Smiling, there He was – who created the apple and the snake
All for an enigmatic cosmic plan’s sake
For in the first place, the apple is there to be eaten and a snake to bite
And knows well, poor Adam, you can barely resist an Eve with all your might!!