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Totally Techie Bangalore

Another picture from Bangalore streets – Picture forwarded by a friend!Bangalore Techie!

I am not sure but Is he transferring that bribe online ??? 😉

Defenestration.. that is the Word!

Defenestration, a common phenomenon of our lives, I believe, ranges from being not realized to uncomprehended by many. It is an inevitable part of everyone’s life and world without we ever realizing it. Did not God throw Adam and Eve from the lofty, lovely heaven just for the sin of eating an apple and asking for pair of Jeans and Tees (Ok, I know there is more sin that these guys committed but let’s not get lost in details!!). Generation after generation, human beings are thrown out from all sorta lofty places on to earth (Funnily, Caste-conscious Indian folks would just require you to give just your last name to identify and tell you from which floor of the lofty Almighty’s body are you thrown out from!! Or for instance, the reason you are thrown out, like for instance, you don’t have enough ‘Punya’ – for simplicity, it’s like cash on your prepaid mobile, to stay back!!) But people could not quite put a finger on it, rather word to it.

At four years of age, I was into school and not long before my old, Anglo-Indian ‘miss’ (sic!) threw me out of class for the love letter I wrote to my kindergarten sweetheart without knowing what the oft-repeated movie dialogue “I Love You” meant. I literally fell out of the class room, got up and asked dad to change my school. And in new school, dad followed the pious phenomenon looking at my school report card, big brother did the same when I walked into his room eavesdropping on his private chat with his school friends. I think I knew right then that this phenomenon is something important and recurring. (However, my knowledge of english vocabulary at that time started at A for Apple and proudly, if ever, ending at Z for Zebra, constrained me in defining it). When dad put me into a hostel after class X or when my teenage crush thought I looked too nerdy (Is it my spectacles? God, show her my school report cards to disprove my looks!!!) to deserve a second look or atleast be friends (Does not every proposal have this clause? Even if you don’t like me, can we be friends… blah blah!!) In those eyes, I never missed the thread. It was always there…. But I didn’t find the right word to call it..!!

I was not being Dumped.. Like getting dumped by girlfriends after months/years of roaming around…. Dumping as webster’s defines it is “dropped in a heap”, which I think is very decent. She just put you in a heap for which she does not care much… There is no feeling of Flying, There is no Thud..… You can always walk out and find a new gullible girl! It was not Expulsion – “The act of forcing out someone or something”. Rejected for the same reason!! So I kept looking for that word..!!

Life moved on, with its fair (unfair!) share of expulsions, dumpings, rejections and of course a few metaphorical ‘outta heres’. Until today, when I found this word – strangely while reading this article about Hong Kong.

Defenestration – The act of throwing someone or something out of a window” – Yes, thatz the word..!! When someone lifts you up, put you through a window and push you all the way down – there is this mixed feeling of first being neglected, then being discarded, followed by a lonely fall down when you think to yourself why it happened and a Thud that either puts you to to sleep or wakes you up to reality – funnily – as they call it the ‘Ground’ Reality!!!

So, that’s what it was – Defenestration..all this while!!

Wrong Way to Paradise!

Construction of Elevated Highway to Electronic City on Hosur Road, Bangalore and a carefully placed billboard right next to it! 😉


If you could not read the small print from the pic of my phone camera- it says “Paradise Found” and “Paradise Lost”. Talk about Right Places!

“Scary” Water Problems in our cities!

Water Tanker on Bangalore Roads

That water tanker was just trying to give us the ‘Real’ picture!