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Just a bunch of ads!

I have started noticing how completely we miss out on the importance of background music as it blends and loses itself in the visuals. Ads sometimes make us focus only creative visuals with music just setting the platform. But there are a few ads where music takes over and it is completely awesome. One of the ads I found was the ad for JC Penny on my trip to US. Awesome, I thought and I thought of it to realize the best part was the music. Did a quick search and found out that its Regina Spektor’s Music Box. A different setting of notes and a catchy voice, lend a distinct beauty to this song. Watch it here!

And another Ad that I loved was the ad for Cadillac CTS. You can choose to view it here.

Its interesting how a lot of songs by Shakira, Fergie and Beyonce are making waves across ad scenes in the US. However, ads in India still rely a lot more on visual imagery and star cast for appeal and quick recall. Interesting topic to observe further!!

Mobiles can now be unlocked!!

images.jpgUS prides itself being the most market friendly system – where only the best interests of the consumer survive. Rest all does not matter. But I think there is one area where Indian markets are more consumer friendly. That is the Indian cellphone market – Lowest tariffs across the world and more importantly, no ‘locked’ mobile phones from wireless carriers.

Yes and now it seems there is a silent revolution brewing in the US Cell Phone market with an impact for all those wireless carriers that have held customers locked to their networks with innovative phones and giving up networks if they want to change phones or vice versa.

As this businessweek article “Why Apple can’t stop iPhone hackers”“Many hope that the legal wrangling will, eventually, result in major shifts in how the U.S. wireless industry operates. For one, a case could pave the way to making all wireless networks more open to unlocked phones”

I am sure this will deter carriers world-wide to understand that locking phones is not a good idea after all….!! Good for the US cell phone customers! And long live Consumer Empowerment!