Is the moon still there when nobody is looking?

A very interesting question and an equally brilliant analysis by a whole lot of scientist from Einstein to Bell and a whole lot of more people.

Einstein in his famous EPR paper and through his other discussions takes a position that is ‘realistic’ over being ‘deterministic’ and assumes that all things that we see and cannot be reasonable measured – can be assumed to always exist. So it is a ‘reasonable’ and ‘realistic’ assumption that the moon is still there even when none of us is looking.

The reason I put this post up – In much the same way – you can realistically assume that I exist even when I you don”t see me blog.  😉

Btw, for people interested in the question of Moon’s existence, read this paper by Dr. David Mermin. It is pretty interesting summary of thoughts on this question and quantum mechanics answers.

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  2. Dhriti on

    Very interesting!

    There is also a lovely series of articles by Dr.Venkatraman (Former director of Adv. Numerical Analysis Group, Dept. of Atomic Energy) at where he talks of the gedanken experiments.

    Nice blog you have, subscribed.

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