For a lot many reasons, I feel my previous post on Rediffiland was a lesson for myself. Whenever I start to write anything now, it all seems futile. The words on the page seem to be contradicting what I am trying to say. There is a limit that has been reached with words and I can see it now. Whatever I say, I can argue against it myself. So much so that I have lost the conviction that comes out of partial ignorance. I am losing the conviction that comes out of being partially closed (intentionally or unintentionally) to the other viewpoint. I can play with words, turn arguments on their head and I can win debates. This is what I was ‘Trained’ to do – to convince people when they are in doubt – be it a customer or a friend. But I started disbelieving in it myself. I am not the best one to judge, advice or direct anyone, anymore, suddenly.

I hit the ceiling of intelligence – not in the sense that I am so very brilliant that I have nothing more to intellectually analyze or know. But just that I started losing comfort in the whole idea of intelligence being the most important quality of a person or it being the driving factor for a lot of actions. Because I have seen that my intellectual analysis has started to impact my ability to act. For intellectual analysis is an endless process. The process itself is a lot of fun, with new knowledge acquired the branches never stop splitting into more and the depth never seems to hit the final endpoint. So much so, that the intellectual analysis suddenly is not fun anymore – for there is no goal. The goalpost itself keeps moving and the mover is my intellectual analysis, if you understand what I mean.

I have this general feeling today that the world knows a lot already. A lot has been analyzed, discussed, thought about and understood (atleast partially). But the time now is to ACT. The world is crying aloud for action. The world is asking for hands to do the job. And I found the singular reason acting as hindrance now is intellectual analysis. We have way too many intelligent people who are willing to analyze, provide options but do not have the courage to take the next step towards action. That includes ME too, big time. We know the Pros and Cons of a choice, so I focus on Cons and go to the next alternative. What we miss now is Faith and Courage to move beyond analysis.

As I said earlier as a comment to one of my friend’s blogs, Faith is the prerequisite for Action. Faith, probably, in your own analysis, in your own capability, in your own ability to pick yourself up even if you fail, faith in your family that they would stand by you through your tough decisions and failures, faith in yourself that you are worth more than your bank balance, faith in the fact that even a small act can change a life atleast for a moment, faith in the communities around that they are not out of control already, faith that destruction is only a preceding act to new construction and more importantly, faith that the world is not cruising on its own towards destruction but there is in fact a Pilot up above all of us. Faith is what a lot of intellectuals are lacking. Lack of faith is what ails us – the weak-hearted, ultra-intellectuals. So we depend on corporations for jobs, governments for roads, luxury brands for respect and accent for acceptance.

As one respected Telugu teacher (Master EK) in Andhra Pradesh once said – ‘Irrespective of education qualifications and high salaries, all we see around are beggars. Because they don’t have the faith – that they have anything to offer to the world but depend for everything on it! What do we call someone who has nothing to offer but asks for everything in return – A bloody beggar?” Another great visionary (Pt. Sriram Sharma Acharya) said – “There is no one in this world who does not have either Time or Money to give! Absolutely no one! What you don’t have is the heart to give or do something for someone which does not involve YOU in any way!”

Fellow Analysts! The old world is being torn down systematically if you have not realized it yet! The new world needs to be built and we need hands to do it. The new world needs new systems and processes for Politics, Arts & Literature, Health & Living, Education, Community building, Science and Spirituality. You can be in any of these fields but the call is to ACT now to build the systems and processes in these areas for the future, on the foundations of inclusion, self-respect, honesty and faith on human will power. Choose your field, ACT to start making a difference.

For if you sit long enough in those structures analyzing the world, you might find yourself buried in the rubble when the world around you is torn down –and converted to structures for a New Age. When that day comes we will not be sympathized with but scoffed at for being Fools – exactly opposite of what we consider ourselves today – Intellectuals.

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  1. Jaan Pehchaan on

    Welcome to Enlightenment! This is a beautiful post!

    What we need is this:

    1. Time bound analysis
    2. Action
    3. Faith

    Thanks for sharing!

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