Mystic River flows on..

Mystic River Flows On….

Back in time when we used to write
(And not type as we do today)
With ink flowing down the fountain pen
I was told that it was called a mystic river
Of thoughts flowing from one’s heart to their next home
A book, bound and ready to bloom!

The words and the book then waited,
The ink within weathering it for days
For a hand to caress, a mind to read and a heart to warm
May be to meet a reader who really understands why they were born!

The author, sometimes got lost in the dunes of time
Had either grown old or rusted
Always hoping someone agreed with what he thought
Someone liked what he said
Or drank from the spring of water, he thought, he created!

But there occasionally was one among a few
Who wrote, but knew
That the mystic river out, he did not bring!
The eternal fountain was elsewhere
And that he was just a pen to that universal spring!

I read one such book, written by one
Who considered himself just a space, through which the river flowed
Who did not own those words, Nor did he create the river
Who knows the mystic river flows as ever, To where it knows it should!

He asked,
Where was the word, before it was on paper or on his mind,
Whence forth did it spring from,
To be born in ink and live in a book with its family & friends!

The words were magical, the book enrapturing

I suddenly became one with the word
Realized I myself was a word too, born in the ink of blood
Born off the spark of a thought of authors
Who think they created me!

And one day, just like the word, the ink on me would disappear
The weather would erase me, the dye on paper forgotten

So why are words born all the time?
Again and again, in a new ink and on a new paper!
Why does the mystic river continue to flow,
From unknown origins to unknown destinations?

(Inspired by Master Parvati Kumar’s book ‘Sarawati – The Word’)

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